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Web development is my biggest hobby

I taught myself all skills out of interest. It's not work if it's your hobby.

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My Projects

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  • BlogTube


    A WordPress theme that is based on the design scheme of YouTube

    • infinite scroll feed
    • custom sidemenu
    • custom primary color
    • custom font
    • WordPress
    • PHP
    • JavaScript
  • Blog Layouts

    Blog Layouts

    A WordPress theme that has the swapping of layouts as a core feature

    • swapping layouts
    • well-known designs such as Material Design 2 and 3
    • extensive author page
    • custom theme colors
    • WordPress
    • PHP
    • JavaScript
  • Neo Blog

    Neo Blog

    WordPress Theme

    • dark mode / light mode
    • lots of customization options
    • custom theme colors
    • WordPress
    • PHP
    • JavaScript
  • grundbuch-musterantrag.de


    A website about German land register law

    • dark mode / light mode
    • custom primary theme color
    • admin login / dashboard
    • pdf generation
    • step by step form
    • Angular
    • TypeScript
    • Node.js
    • JavaScript
  • tickturtle.com


    A website for time recording of work steps

    • time calculation / time pause / time resume
    • edit tasks / delete tasks
    • data storage in local storage
    • custom table design with several features
    • Angular
    • TypeScript

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  • CodePen

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  • Custom Language

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